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  Acer barbatum Southern Sugar Maple - Southern sugar maple displays beautiful fall foliage in November/December –golden yellow leaves are an outstanding addition to any yard. It is smaller and more heat tolerant than true sugar maples. Its flowers in the spring are a bright yellowish-green. This tree is underused and should be planted more in the Houston area. Height ranges 30’-80’.
    Aesculus pavia - Texas Red Buckeye - A unique and beautiful native understory tree abundant in the East Texas woods.  Produces showy, 10” – 12” panicles of red flowers in early spring.  The foliage emerges a beautiful copper color, then unfurls into palmate, widespread leaves.  The gorgeous flowers, attractive coarse-textured foliage, and sculptural form make the buckeye an outstanding specimen as a small tree, especially when planted in groups in partially shaded conditions.  All buckeyes grow best if protected from direct afternoon sun & when watered during prolonged dry spells.  They will go prematurely dormant if they get to dry or stressed.  Averages 12’ x 8’ but can reach 20’ x 10’.  Moist, well-drained soil.  Afternoon shade.
    Anisacanthus wrightii - Flame Acanthus - A tough, Texas native, shrubby perennial covered with orange tubular flowers summer & fall.  Averages 3’ height.  Drought tolerant once established.  Hummingbirds!
    Aquilegia chrysantha ‘Texas Gold’ – Texas Gold Columbine - A gorgeous evergreen native Texas perennial for shade gardens.  Forms 24” mounds of bright green parsley-like foliage all winter. Then in March-April, produces stalks of magnificent orchid-like golden flowers for up to 6 weeks!  Afternoon shade & good drainage.
    Aristolochia elegans – Calico Pipevine - A root hardy vine with wonderful 3”- 4” ivory-mottled, velvety maroon flowers on a lush background of beautiful heart-shaped foliage.  Trailing behind each open flower is a ‘string” of fascinating dutchman’s-pipe-shaped flower buds – like little soldiers, each waiting for their turn to show off.  This variety is an outstanding swallowtail host plant!!!  Sun, part shade.  Does well in the landscape or in containers.  
    Aristolochia fimbriata - Fimbriata Dutchman's Pipe - A smaller version of Dutchman’s Pipe with 2” – 3” rounded green leaves that have a light-green pattern on the surface.  It blooms in cycles from spring to fall in miniature burgundy & yellow flowers.  Can be used as a little vine, or as a groundcover.  Host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly.  Moist, well-drained soil. This plant is a MUST for any butterfly garden.
    Aristolochia grandiflora - Giant Dutchman’s Pipevine - Vigorous, attractive vine with spectacular, large, 8” ivory-mottled maroon flowers. Beautiful heart-shaped foliage.  Sun, part shade.
    Asclepias curassivicia - Mexican Butterfly Weed - Great perennial for butterflies and beautiful in the garden as well.  Constantly blooming clusters of orange & yellow flowers on 3’-4’ stalks.  Responds well to pruning.  This is The Monarch Butterfly Plant!!!  It is their larval food as well as providing nectar.  Do not use insecticides on this plant!  Sun, part shade.  Moist, well drained soil.
  Asimina triloba - Paw Paw - Supposedly the largest fruit tree native to the U.S.  It’s a deciduous under-story tree found in the rich woods of northeast Texas & along stream banks.  The paw paw has an upright, oval shape with spectacular bold, dark green, glossy foliage.  It produces very unusual 1” cup-shaped maroon flowers in March & an edible fleshy fruit in June-July.  A good tasting paw paw tastes like custard.  There are some great grafted varieties for the good edible fruit.  This tree is very shade tolerant & grows best in a fertile, moist, well-drained soil.  Must have two varieties or two seedling grown paw paws for fruit production.  The stunning texture of the foliage is what makes this tree so ornamental!  Slow growing.  Averages 20’x 15’.  Host plant to the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly.
  Aster oblongifolius – Native Prairie Aster - An outstanding native Texas fall blooming aster!  Mounds out to 2’-3’ with tiny gray-green aromatic foliage.  It’s blanketed with lavender, yellowed centered daisies throughout the fall.  Full sun or light shade & good drainage.  This long-lived, incredible performer makes a tight, beautifully textured mound all summer.  Cut back after a hard freeze for a full plant the following year.  Butterflies!

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  Bauhinia mexicana – Mexican Orchid Tree – A very special, hard to find little tree with a spectacular display of white feathery blooms from May to November!  This is, without a doubt, one of the finest butterfly attractors in the state!!!  Mexican Bauhinia forms a large shrub or small tree (single or multi-trunk) depending on our winter temperatures.  It’s deciduous down to 25 degrees & root hardy down to the high teens.  They average 6’ tall but can reach 10’-12’ tall if protected from a hard freeze.  Well-drained soils.  

  Bignonia capreolata atrosanguinea ‘Helen Fredel’ – Helen Fredel Crossvine – A unique crossvine from 95 year old Helen Fredel’s (now deceased) garden in Bryan, Texas. Flower color is more vibrant than Tangerine Beauty – a gorgeous red-orange with a yellow throat. Flower size is larger as well. Hummingbirds! ( Texas plantsman Greg Grant introduction.)
    Bignonia capreolata ‘Tangerine Beauty’ - ‘Tangerine Beauty’ Crossvine - A strong, vigorous semi-evergreen to evergreen native vine that produces a spectacular display of bright orange-red trumpet flowers in spring.  Crossvine grows well in full sun or light shade & has little tendrils that cling tightly to walls, fences, trees, & other surfaces.  Will tolerate drought & occasional flooding conditions.  Hummingbirds.
    Buddleia davidii ‘Blue Chip’ PP# 19,991 – Blue Chip Butterfly Bush – An exciting new “miniature” Buddleia that averages 2’ tall and wide.  It continuously blooms through the summer & fall covered with short spikes of lavender-blue fragrant flowers.  This fabulous butterfly attractor is beautiful used in borders, containers, as a tall “ground cover”, and also as a great cut flower.  It’s tough, can tolerate heat, drought, cold, and is deer resistant!  Full sun, moist, well-drained soil.
  Buddleia davidii ‘Dubonnet’ - Dubonnet Butterfly Bush – A spectacular Buddleia for color, fragrance, and butterflies.  ‘Dubonnet’ has spikes of striking blue flowers that provides a sea of color throughout spring, summer, & fall.  Average 4’-6’ tall.  Sun or part shade.  Moist, well-drained soil.

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    Calamintha georgiana - Georgia Savory - A small, compact, evergreen shrub with wonderfully scented, tiny, glossy, dark green foliage.  It is covered with attractive, small pink flowers in late summer and fall.  For all its wonderful attributes, the Southeastern U.S. native is also very drought tolerant and it attracts hummingbirds & butterflies!  It grows in full sun or light shade in well-drained soils. Extremely cold tolerant as well.
    Calamintha nepeta ‘White Cloud’ – White Cloud Catmint – This little shrub produces an airy cloud of tiny white “snapdragon” blossoms on 18” stems.  The foliage is fragrant and can be planted where occasional brushing will release its scent.  Tight, tidy growth habit; blooms from spring through frost.  A tough perennial that tolerates our heat and humidity when planted in well-drained soils.  Drought tolerant once established.
    Calliandra emarginata - Dwarf Fairy Duster - This beautiful root hardy shrub is great for both garden and containers.  Growing to about 2’ – 3’ tall, Dwarf Fairy Duster is covered with red “powderpuff” flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.  This shrub is spectacular in bloom.  It has a very tropical look, but this is a very tough little shrub.  Calliandras are known for having very low amounts of airborne pollen.  Sun or light shade.
    Callicarpa americana - American Beautyberry - This is an outstanding 6 – 8 foot deciduous shrub with an open, arching form.  Spring brings tiny lilac flowers borne in clusters along the leaf axils.  In the fall, metallic magenta-pink berries appear in tight clusters.  These berries remain long into winter, and are eaten by several species of birds.  Full sun to dappled shade.  Drought tolerant once established.  Birds!
    Callicarpa americana var. lactea - White American Beautyberry - This is an outstanding 6 – 8 foot deciduous shrub with an open, arching form.  Spring brings tiny white flowers borne in clusters along the leaf axils.  In the fall, milky white berries appear in tight clusters.  These berries seem to glow in the dark making this plant a great addition to “moon gardens”.  These berries remain long into winter, and are eaten by several species of birds.  Full sun to dappled shade.  Drought tolerant once established.  Birds!
    Callicarpa dichotoma - Chinese Beautyberry - This is an outstanding 3’ x 4’ deciduous shrub with graceful arching stems.  Small pale pink flowers are borne in clusters along the leaf axils in summer followed in the fall by clusters of spectacular rich lavender berries.  This is a more delicate looking form of our native beautyberry with smaller leaves & a smaller growth habit.  Grows best in light shade.
  Callicarpa mexicana – Mexican Beautyberry – Could be called our native beautyberry on steroids!  This lush plant produces much larger clusters of gorgeous burgundy-wine berries along the stems in the fall & all winter.  The berries remain into the winter, & are eaten by several species of birds.  Averages 6’-8’ tall.  Deciduous.  Full sun to dappled shade.  Drought tolerant once established.  Birds!
  Callistemon citrinus ‘Little John’ - Little John Bottlebrush - Evergreen in mild winters, this low mounding 3’ x 3’ shrub has aromatic, dense green foliage. Blooms with bright red flowers, resembling the bristles on a bottlebrush, from spring to fall. Full sun or light shade. Moist, well drained soil.  Butterflies and Hummingbirds!
    Callistemon viminalis 'Hannah Ray' - Hannah Ray Bottlebrush - Beautiful as a specimen or when used as a hedge.  Aromatic, normally evergreen small tree with soft, feathery, apple-green foliage on limbs with a slightly weeping form.  Long spring blooming cycle with large bright red bottlebrush flowers.  Averages 10'-12' tall.  Sun or light shade & good drainage.  A hummingbird magnet!!! 
  Cassia corymbosa - Flowering Senna - A showy, evergreen large shrub or small 'tree' that puts on a spectacular display of large, round clusters of yellow flowers summer & fall. Grows anywhere from 6’ to 12’ tall.  Tolerates occasional drought & flood conditions. Sun.
    Capsicum annuum var. aviculara - Chili Pequin - This native perennial pepper makes a beautiful addition to the garden.  It is a 2’– 3’ mounding shrub that is covered with tiny white flowers & bright red, “bird’s eye” peppers much of the year.  Does well in containers.  Birds love the fruits!  Sun, light shade, & good drainage.
  Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’ - Texas ‘White’ Redbud - More drought tolerant than our East Texas Redbud & prefers full sun.  Famous for its slightly rounder, glossy, dark green foliage.  The limbs are covered with bright white flowers in March.  Blooms at the same time as the Texas Mountain Laurel & the Mexican Plum, and likes the same conditions. Eventually grows to 15’ – 20’ tall.  Must have good drainage.  Sun to part shade.
    Citrus limon x meyeri - Improved Meyer Lemon – The Meyer lemon tree is considered the world's gourmet lemon.  The fruit is sourest in August, and sweetest in January.  Although it bears heavily November through April, the tree is everbearing - flowers and fruit are present on the tree at the same time.  Meyer grows to about 10’ tall and 8’-10’ wide and produces heavy crops year after year.  Allowed to ripen on the tree, the rind turns golden. Meyer tolerates temperatures down to 29ºF.  If Meyer freezes to the ground in hard freeze (every 20 years) it will grow and produces again in 18 months. The tree is believed a hybrid between Citrus limon, the lemon, and Citrus reticulata, the mandarin orange.
  Clerodendron wallichii - White Waterfalls Clerodendron - Extremely glossy, dark green, tropical-looking foliage.  Incredible 10” – 12” weeping panicles of soft creamy-white flowers with red calyxes in the fall.  Flowers are reminiscent of ‘Blue Butterfly Bush’ in shape.  Responds well to pruning and can be grown as a shrub or small tree.  Grows 5’-9’ tall.  Light shade or sun. Gorgeous!
  Cuphea ignea ‘David Verity’ - David Verity Cuphea - A compact and more refined version of the standard cigar plant.  ‘David Verity’ grows into an upright, very full plant with tiny foliage and it is a non-stop bloomer of small, tubular, orange and yellow flowers spring through fall.  It’s an incredibly tough plant and doesn’t seem to have any insect or disease problems.  It’s a great companion plant for the Mexican Butterfly Weed.  Averages 3’ tall.  Sun, light shade.  Hummingbirds & Butterflies.
  Cuphea llavea – Bat Face Cuphea - This unusual & tough cuphea is a beacon of adorable, fluorescent red & purple “bat-face” tubular flowers throughout the heat of late spring through summer to fall.  It forms an 18” mound of arching stems, grows in sun or light shade, & likes good drainage.  Root hardy to the low 20’s.  Blends well at the front of a perennial bed or cascading over a wall or container.  Also works well in hanging baskets.  Hummingbirds.
    Cuphea micropetala - Giant Cigar Plant - A majestic cuphea, 4’ – 5’ tall, with a full, mounding growth habit.  It’s covered with 4” – 6” long, shiny, dark green leaves topped with 10” spikes of orange & yellow, tubular-shaped flowers late summer & fall.  Very drought tolerant once established. Perennial. Prefers full sun & good drainage.  Hummingbirds!

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    Dianthus barbatus ‘First Love’ - First Love Dianthus – One of the finest, heat tolerant, long lived, super blooming dianthus on the market!!!  ‘First Love’ blooms practically 12 months of the year, producing 12”-18” stalks topped with clusters of white, light pink, & dark pink frilly flowers. Light shade or sun. It’s happiest with a little afternoon shade in the summer. Moist, well drained soil.

  Duranta erecta ‘Alba’ - White Duranta - The Cockrell Butterfly Center’s selection of an outstanding white version of this fabulous long blooming root hardy shrub.  This version also is a more compact grower averaging 4’-6’ & is thornless!  Forms a large, full “shrub” & is covered with tight clusters of milky white flowers in heavy cycles late spring thru fall.  It also produces dangling clusters of yellow berries-birds love them.  Prefers full sun but will take light shade.  A must for any butterfly or bird garden!!!
    Duranta erecta ‘Sweet Memory’ - Sweet Memory Duranta –- A fabulous, long blooming root hardy shrub that’s covered with large, tight clusters of purple flowers edged in white.  It blooms in heavy cycles from mid spring thru fall & also produces dangling clusters of yellow berries.  Durantas form large full 4’-6’ shrubs or can be trained into small 6’-8’ “trees”.  A must for any Butterfly garden!!!  Full sun or light shade.

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Eupatorium greggii – Greg’s Blue Mist Flower - A spectacular native that naturalizes readily and makes a fabulous ground cover.  Flat-topped flower heads with dense clusters of fragrant, fluffy, lavender-blue flowers persist from mid-summer to early fall. Sun or light shade, tolerates a range of soil types.  Butterflies!

Eupatorium havanense - White Mist Flower - A spectacular, native, fall blooming, shrubby perennial!  This bushy, 3'-4' plant is absolutely covered with clusters of super fragrant white blooms that seem to attract every butterfly in the State!!!  This extraordinary plant grows in full sun or part shade, is drought tolerant, & also tolerates poor drainage, is easy to grow, colorful, fragrant, & a butterfly magnet!  Also blooms sporadically in spring & summer.

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    Foeniculum vulgare 'Rubrum' - Bronze Fennel - Soft feathery aromatic foliage with yellow blooms against delicate bronze-green leaves. It has a very distinct flavor of licorice.  Great plant for supporting beneficial insects as well as butterfly larvae and a great host plant for the swallowtail butterfly. Grows to 4' and needs full sun to part shade with soil that is loose rich and well drained.

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    Galphimia glauca - Golden Showers Thryallis - A large flowering shrub with narrow bluish-green foliage that’s covered with clusters of small bright yellow flowers nearly year-round!  It’s evergreen in mild winters or temperate areas & is used in all types of landscapes. Thryallis is relatively salt & drought tolerant for coastal areas.  Can also be used as a hedging.  Averages 3’-6’ tall.  Sun.

Gaura lindheimerii ‘Whirling Butterfly’ – Whirling Butterfly Gaura - A lean, mean, blooming machine!  Gaura is native to Houston & the southeast, thrives in hot, dry climates, & is unfazed by our humidity!  In spring, the basal rosette gives rise to delicate looking 2’-3’ stems covered with countless hundreds of shimmering white flowers resembling butterflies.  Even with the cloud of flowers, the plant still gives an open see-through appearance.  It blooms from spring to fall in heavy bloom cycles.  Prefers full sun & good drainage, but will tolerate some wet.

    Gomphphrena sp. ‘Fireworks’ – Fireworks Gomphrena – This tough plant blooms its head off during our hottest months. Long-lasting, intense hot pink flowers tipped with bright yellow rise up 2’-3’. Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. Attracts butterflies. Treat as an annual, but may reseed. Great cut flower.

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    Hamelia patens - Hummingbird Bush or Firebush - This large shrub/small tree is native to Mexico, but thrives in this area.  It is root hardy, and will make a 4’ – 5’ mound in one summer.  It is VERY drought tolerant and thrives in any soil as long as it has good drainage.  The orange/red flowers are profuse from late spring until frost.  Amazing fall color!  Full sun.  Hummingbirds. 

  Hamelia patens ‘Compacta’ - Dwarf Hamelia - A tight, compact version of the Hummingbird Bush with semi-glossy, lance-shaped, green leaves tinged with burgundy.  It blooms all season, producing terminal clusters of tubular, orange-red flowers, attracting hummingbirds from all over!  Averages 3’ tall.  Full sun.  Hummingbirds!
    Hamelia x ‘Holik’ – ‘Holik’ Hamelia – This beautiful hamelia is a cross between the Golden Bells Hamelia and Hamelia patens.  Clusters of burnt orange flower buds explode into open flared, trumpet shaped, bright saffron flowers throughout the heat of late spring, summer and fall.  Glossy foliage gives this large perennial shrub a lush, rich look.  Averages 5’-6’.  Full sun.  Moist, well-drained soil.  Hummingbirds!

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  Hibiscus hamabo – Yellow Tree Hibiscus – A beautiful & unique hibiscus “tree” that grows about 10’-12’ tall & 10’-12’ wide.  This hardy, deciduous large shrub or small tree has attractive, somewhat rounded leaves with a silver backing & is covered with 3”-4” bright sulphur-yellow flowers with a maroon center in summer.  In the fall, this plant becomes a blaze of color; a yellow-red-orange show stopper.  It likes full sun & a well-drained soil.

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  Ilex sp. ‘Cherry Bomb’ - Cherry Bomb Holly - At last, a low growing, evergreen holly with smooth glossy, non-prickly leaves.  Produces large red berries fall through winter.  Averages 3’-4’ tall x 3’ wide.  Somewhat slow growing.  Sun or part shade & normally a moist, well-drained soil.  Use in borders, mass plantings, as a single specimen, or in containers.
  Ilex decidua ‘Paco’ - Paco's Possumhaw Holly - A single or multi-trunked, native, deciduous, small ornamental tree averaging 18’ x 15’.  Only female Possumhaws produce berries.  ‘Paco’s’ Possumhaw is a female that is absolutely covered with gorgeous red berries all winter.  Tough, drought tolerant & will take periodic wet conditions.  Sun or part shade.  A shelter & food source for birds.  Birds have an absolute feast on the berries in early spring!

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    Justicia brandegeana ‘Fruit Cocktail’ - Fruit Cocktail Shrimp Plant – A charming hummingbird attractor!  As easy to grow as other Shrimp Plant selections, ‘Fruit Cocktail’ offers a constant display of golden-lime colored bracts accented by bright red flowers.  Forms a 2’-3’ mound of lush foliage.  Root hardy.  Sun or part shade.  Moist, well drained soil.  Hummingbirds!
    Justicia brandegeana - Red Shrimp Plant - Native to Mexico, this wonderful hummingbird attractor forms a 3' mound of soft, apple-green leaves & produces 3" spikes of overlapping plum-red bracts with bright red & cream flowers.  These spikes eventually lengthen to 6"-7" & resemble large red shrimp.  Responds well to pruning, is root hardy, grows in sun or light shade, & a moist, well-drained soil.  Hummingbirds!
    Justicia sp. ‘Lemon Sorbet’ – Lemon Sorbet Shrimp Plant – A shrimp plant with a new delicious color!   It produces 4”- 6” shrimp-shaped spikes of overlapping pastel lemon-yellow bracts with white tubular flowers on a 3’ mound of soft, apple-green leaves.  This tough attractive plant is an extremely long bloomer, responds well to pruning, & is root hardy in the Houston & Gulf Coast area.  It grows in sun or light shade & a moist, well drained soil.  Hummingbirds!!!
    Justicia brandegeana ‘Variegata’ - Variegated Red Shrimp Plant - Native to Mexico, this wonderful hummingbird attractor forms a 3' mound of soft, apple-green leaves with subtle variegation.  Produces 3" spikes of overlapping plum-red bracts with bright red & cream flowers.  These spikes eventually lengthen to 6"-7" & resemble large red shrimp.  This is the MOST floriferous of the shrimp plants.  Responds well to pruning, is root hardy, grows in sun or light shade, & a moist, well-drained soil.  Hummingbirds!
    Justicia fulvicoma – Orange Shrimp Plant - Native to Mexico, this wonderful hummingbird attractor forms a 3' mound of soft, apple-green leaves & produces 3" spikes of overlapping plum-red bracts with bright orange flowers.  These spikes eventually lengthen to 6"-7" & resemble large red shrimp.  Responds well to pruning, is root hardy, grows in sun or light shade, & a moist, well drained soil.  Hummingbirds!
    Justicia chrysostephana ‘Orange Flame’ – Orange Flame Justicia – This is a knockout plant!  Glossy foliage & striking upright clusters of bright orange flowers.  It seems to bloom all the time.  Averages 3’ by 3’.  Hummingbirds!

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  Kosteletzkya virginica – Pink Salt Marsh Mallow - This is a very special and hard to find native mallow.  It is found along fresh or salty marshes near coastal areas.  It forms a thick, full shrub 3’ - 4’ tall and produces a multitude of 2” soft pink flowers mid-summer.  Grows happily in full sun in most gardens and is at home in bogs.
  Kosteletzkya virginica ‘Alba’ - White Salt Marsh Mallow - This is a very special and hard to find native mallow.  It is found along fresh or salty marshes near coastal areas.  Ours is the rare white form.  It forms a thick, full shrub 3’ - 4’ tall and produces a multitude of 2” bright white flowers mid-summer.  Grows happily in full sun in most gardens and is at home in bogs.

    Lantana camara ‘New Gold’ - New Gold Lantana – A fabulous perennial for any sunny garden!  Tough, low mounding, colorful, & drought tolerant once established.  ‘New Gold’ is a bright golden-yellow.  It looks beautiful planted with ‘Silver Mound’ - they go beautifully together because they have the exact same growth habit as 18”-24” mounding plants.  Sun.  Moist, well-drained.  Butterflies!
    Lantana montevidensis - Purple Trailing Lantana – Outstanding, super tough performer—one of the best Lantanas for our area!  This Texas Superstar™ native grows in a low, trailing carpet of lavender and blooms in heavy cycles year round.  12” – 15” tall and 3’ – 6’ wide.  Drought tolerant once established.  Prefers sun and moist, well drained soil.  Butterflies!
    Lantana montevidensis - Trailing White Lantana - A trailing form of Lantana native to South and Central Texas that will only get 12” - 15" in height with a 3’ - 6' spread, making it a nice groundcover.  It is lovely spilling over a retaining wall, or out of a container, window box, or hanging basket.  The blooms are pure white.  They appear in masses from spring to fall.  White Trailing Lantana's foliage will change to a red to purple color in the colder months.  Butterflies!

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    Malphighia glabra ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Barbados Cherry - Unique & colorful native shrub with pink & white flowers summer & fall, & then producing an abundance of red, cherry-like fruit! Evergreen most winters.  The dwarf variety makes a 3’-4’ shrub.  Sun, part shade.
    Malvaviscus arboreus - Giant Red Turk's Cap - This native perennial shrub of Mexico & Texas makes a spectacular fall statement in any garden with its showy display of large, partially opened 2”-3” vivid red flowers. It's an absolute magnet for hummingbirds, &, many bird species enjoy dining on the attractive red fruit. Giant Turk's Cap forms a large 5'-6' shrub or can be trained into a 6'-8' tree form. It is an extremely tough & versatile plant & will grow in sun or part shade. It's drought tolerant, yet will tolerate wet, & will perform in a wide variety of soils. Will bloom throughout a mild winter but goes dormant in a hard winter. 
  Malvaviscus arboreus v. drummondii – Red Native Turks Cap - A tough, non-stop blooming perennial shrub that produces red flowers almost all spring, summer, & fall in heavy blooms cycles.  It also produces interesting red seed pods normally in fall. Sun or part shade.  Hummingbirds & birds!  Also comes in a pure white form.  It responds well to pruning for a fuller looking plant.  Beautiful in mass plantings, especially red & white together.
    Malvaviscus drummondii ‘Big Momma’ - Big Momma Turk’s Cap – Another spectacular introduction from Greg Grant!  The best of our Native Red Turk’s Cap crossed with Giant Pink Turk’s Cap, this selection features large, vivid coral-red flowers swirled like a turk’s cap from mid-summer until frost.  Emerges from dormancy each spring and grows into a lush 6’-8’ shrub.  Sun or part shade.  Will perform well in a variety of soil types.  Hummingbirds!
    Malvaviscus hybrid ‘Pam’s Pink’ – Pam’s Pink Turk’s Cap – A new color of this perennial favorite.  Greg Grant created this one by crossing our Big Momma Turk's Cap with the native White Turk's Cap.  Tough, non-stop bloomer with beautiful pink flowers all summer and into fall in heavy bloom cycles.  Will tolerate drought and periods of wet.  Blooms in sun or part shade.  Hummingbirds! 
    Monarda sp. 'Peter's Purple' - 'Peter's Purple' Monarda - Texas plantsman Greg Grant passed this plant along from Peter Loos' Nacogdoches garden. This incredible selection displays heads of bright purple tubular flowers that bloom throughout the summer on upright stalks. ‘Peter's Purple’ forms a 3- to 4-foot clump and the leaves have a minty-spicy fragrance. This variety is mildew resistant, enjoys full sun and moist, well-drained soils. Butterflies and Hummingbirds!
  Muhlenbergia capillaris - Gulf Coast Muhly - A clumping native grass to the Houston & surrounding areas with very fine foliage.  Gulf Coast Muhly is a showstopper in the fall producing an absolute cloud of pink flowers!!!  It makes a great border specimen & is spectacular in mass plantings!  It’s also a great grass for coastal gardens.  Averages 2’ tall.  Moist, but well drained.  It’s drought tolerant once established.  Sun.
    Muhlenbergia dumosa - Bamboo Muhly - A striking native grass with delicate airy foliage on narrow bamboo-like canes.  The canes grow in graceful, arching clumps 4’-6’ tall. The overall grass has a graceful, light, airy cloudlike appearance & is stunning in any full sun landscape, whether as a single specimen, in a grouping or in large decorative containers.  It’s wonderful in fresh & dried flower arrangements.  Bamboo Muhly does best in well-drained, fertile soil & is very heat & drought tolerant once established.  It’s normally not cut back because it’s semi-evergreen.  Full sun.
  Myrica cerifera – Southern Wax Myrtle – A large, evergreen, dense native shrub or small tree that tolerates a wide range of growing conditions.  Can be used as a screen or hedge. If trimmed up, it makes a nice multi-trunked specimen tree. The “fruit” of the female wax myrtle is eaten by over forty species of birds. The foliage is aromatic and is said to repel mosquitos and fleas. 10’-15’ tall x 6’ wide.
  Myrtus communis ‘Compacta’ – Dwarf Myrtle – Compact, tightly branched evergreen shrub with creamy white flowers in the spring. Slow grower to 2’-3’ tall and wide. Once established, extremely drought tolerant. Fragrant foliage. Good evergreen cover for birds and butterflies. Dependable as a low hedge or foundation plant.  Deer resistant.

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  Nassella tenuissima - Mexican Feather Grass - A gorgeous native Texas grass!!!  Low growing, about 18” tall, with very fine bright green foliage that forms attractive dense clumps.   In late spring, Mexican Feather Grass produces silky looking flowers that look like a flowing mane of blond hair when mature.  Mexican Feather Grass is gorgeous no matter where & how it’s planted! Whether in decorative containers, as single specimens, or in spectacular mass plantings.  It’s also good for erosion control & for coastal gardens.  Fertile, well drained soil.  Sun or part shade.

  Nepeta x fassennii ‘Walker’s Low’ – Walker’s Low Catmint – A softly mounding 24” x 30” evergreen perennial with attractive, silver-green foliage.  Small, prolific, intensely violet-blue flowers are borne along arching stems from spring through frost.  This is a dependable performer that thrives in well-drained soils and full sun.  Shear occasionally to maintain fullness and stimulate a new flush of blooms.  Deer resistant.  Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year 2007.  Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Pollinators!!

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    Odontenema strictum - Red Firespike - A handsome, tropical looking perennial for shade gardens!  Rich, glossy green leaves on a 4’-6’ plant.  Produces 12” spikes of bright red flowers in the fall & will bloom all winter if in a protected area.    An absolute must for the fall hummingbird migration!  Responds well to pruning.  Prefers shade or part shade but will grow in full sun.
    Orthosiphon labiatus - Pink Surprise Bush – A fabulously fragrant 3'x 3' perennial with mint-scented leaves & an absolute profusion of pink salvia-like flowers late spring to fall in heavy bloom cycles. Full sun or light shade & it responds well to pruning. Very unique and unusual – but TOUGH! Hummingbirds and butterflies!
    Orthosiphon sp. ’Alba’ - White Cat Whiskers – Super showy!  Tender, shrubby, “mint” with terminal white flowers in heavy bloom cycles spring to fall.  Responds well to pruning.  Another butterfly & hummingbird nectar plant.  3’-4’ tall.  Part shade. 
  Orthosiphon stamineus - Purple Cat Whiskers – Super showy!  Tender, shrubby, “mint” with terminal lavender flowers in heavy bloom cycles spring to fall.  Responds well to pruning.  Another butterfly & hummingbird nectar plant.  3’-4’ tall.  Part shade.

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  Passiflora x Incense - Incense Passion Vine - The longest blooming, easiest growing, & most fragrant of the root hardy passionvines!  A hybrid that is one of the hardiest of all the passionflowers.  This vigorous vine produces 3”-4” exotic looking, royal purple flowers with an absolutely heavenly fragrance late spring, summer, & fall in heavy cycles.   It will grow almost anywhere & is one of the best host plants for the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.  A must for butterflies!
    Passiflora sp. ‘Lady Margaret’ - ‘Lady Margaret’ Passion Vine - Stunning crimson red flowers with white centers and white tipped cornona. Flowers all year.  Passion vines are easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Sun or light shade and preferably a moist, well-drained soil.  Host plant for Gulf Fritillary Butterflies.
    Passiflora hybrid ‘Pura Vida’ – Pura Vida Purple Passion Vine – Deep crimson flowers with recurving petals and a distinctive purple and white-tipped corona.  Flowers all year.  Passion vines are easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Sun or light shade and preferably a moist, well-drained soil.  Host plant for Gulf Fritillary Butterflies.
    Passiflora mooreana – Mooreana Passion Vine – An evergreen passion vine that blooms with 3” sky-blue flowers that have a purple halo from spring to fall.  The blue-gray foliage with deeply lobed leaves forms a thick tapestry on a fence or arbor.  Fast growing once established.  Sun or light shade with moist, well-drained soil.
    Pavonia lasiopetala - Rock Rose - An outstanding sun-loving, drought-tolerant, evergreen mounding native perennial that’s almost constantly blooming 2” hot pink flowers spring to fall.  Attractive, dark green, small arrow-shaped foliage.  Sun & well-drained soil.  Forms a 2’-3’ mound and responds well to pruning.  
  Penstemon tenuis - Gulf Coast Penstemon - A native evergreen perennial with 3’ flower stalks covered with tubular lavender flowers for 4 to 5 weeks in spring.  This penstemon is native to the Houston area & forms a lush dark green mound of foliage all winter.  Sun, part shade.  Clumps out & reseeds. Hummingbirds!  
  Penta lanceolata - These “uprights” are the heirloom, pass-a-long originals that still carry all the sweet nectar that hummingbirds and butterflies love.  The self-cleaning lanceolatas bloom non-stop with no dead-heading.  They can reach up to 3’ tall and their flower clusters are 3” across thereby adding both height and color to sun, part-sun or light shade gardens. Each plant will carry dozens and dozens of clusters at one time.  Normally root hardy in harsh winters – if not, cut back hard in early spring for a full plant with year-round beauty. Easy to grow and makes a decent cut flower! 
Ruby Glow – a stunning, rich red Dorann’s Pink- Rosy, dusty pink
Hot Pink – Dark, hot, bright pink White-Clear,pure white
    Phlox paniculata ‘John Fanick’ - John Fanick Phlox - One of the finest summer phlox for the south!!  It is not only an outstanding bloomer, but is tight and compact for a summer phlox, is mildew resistant, & it is very heat-tolerant – must be, it was found in San Antonio!!  Produces huge heads of light pink flowers with a dark pink eye from May to September.  24” – 36” tall.  Sun or light shade.
    Phlox paniculata ‘Robert Poore’ – Robert Poore Phlox – This is an outstanding, fragrant summer phlox that is mildew resistant & heat-tolerant.  It is an outstanding bloomer that produces heads of medium to dark pink flowers from mid-summer to fall.  Grows 30” – 36” tall depending on light exposure.  Sun or very light shade.  Deadheading will produce constant flowering over a long period.  Makes a good cut flower.
    Phlox pilosa ‘Forest Frost’ - ‘Forest Frost’ Prairie Phlox - Introduced by Peter Loos, this extraordinary native, evergreen, pure-white form of Phlox pilosa has wonderfully textured needle-like green foliage.  Forms a beautiful carpet of showy clustered  white, fragrant,  star-shaped flowers each spring. Beautiful when planted in drifts. Averages 6”-8” tall in bloom. Thrives in moist, fertile soil in light shade.  Butterflies. 
    Plumbago auriculata ‘True Blue’ – True Blue Plumbago – One of the best perennial shrubs with fabulous clear, bright blue clusters of flowers nearly all year – evergreen in mild winters. Trim back hard in early spring to create dense growth.Drought tolerant once established – grows 3’-4’, at least. Can also be trained on to a trellis for a unique wall of blue.Butterflies. Sun or partial shade.
    Plumbago auriculata ‘Alba’ – White Plumbago - Perennial shrub with continuous display of clusters of white, phlox-like flowers from spring to frost.  Grows 3’-4’.  Drought tolerant once established.  Sun or part shade.  Butterflies!
    Prunus mexicana - Mexican Plum - Outstanding native spring blooming tree with very fragrant white flowers!  Slowly grows to about 20’.  Sun, part shade.  Produces a tasty small plum.  Great for eating, for jellies, jams, & for sharing with the birds!  Butterfly nectar & host plant.

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    Rhamnus caroliniana - Carolina Buckthorn - Small tree or shrub that matures to 10’ – 15’.  Carolina buckthorn is prettiest under the shade of a large tree. It’s creamy springtime blossoms are followed by gorgeous berries that turn red in late summer and hold this bright color for a couple of months, finally ripening to black in October. As soon as they ripen, they are devoured and treasured by several species of birds. Deciduous to almost evergreen, with leaves turning bright yellow in the fall. This is a must for any habitat garden! 

  Rivina humilis - Pigeonberry - A unique native perennial groundcover that is almost always covered with pink and white flowers and berries.  Foliage turns burgundy in fall.  Birds love the berries.  Goes dormant in winter.  12” tall - can be pruned back for thicker plants.  Thrives and blooms in part shade.
  Rosa sp. ‘Mutabilis - Mutabilis Rose - An outstanding China rose that never seems to stop blooming!  A large, full shrub covered with single roses of yellow, orange, rich pink, & crimson.  Almost evergreen in mild winters.  Averages 4’ - 6’ tall.  Sun.
    Rosa sp. ‘Belinda’s Dream’ - Belinda’s Dream Rose – A garden favorite because it is almost constantly in bloom with tidy, high centered, richly fragrant, fully double, medium pink blooms.  Upright, beautiful blue-green foliage.  Full sun, good drainage. 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ average. Texas Superstar™.
  Russelia equisetiformis - Coral Fountain Plant - Texture!  Color!  A very fine foliaged, lush, perennial shrub that forms a beautiful mound of 3’-4’ slender graceful stems of tubular red-orange flowers all summer & fall!  Sun, part shade.  Hummingbirds!!!
    Russelia X St. Elmo’s Fire – St. Elmo’s Fire Coral Fountain – Taller, straighter, darker!  This new selection has all of the great attributes of the species – fine foliage, lush mounded habit, slender, graceful stems, and bright red-orange tubular flowers.  What sets St. Elmo’s Fire apart is that it has a more upright form and the flowers are a darker, showier red.  Maturing to 4’ – 6’ in height and 6’ – 8’ wide.  Sun, moist, well-drained soil.  Hummingbirds!

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    Salvia coccinea ‘Compacta’ – Compact Red Salvia – The sweet, compact sister of our native Texas Scarlet Sage. This version grows to 24”.  The blooms are a rich red color and flower over a long season from summer through fall.  The bloom spikes are showy, standing well above the foliage.  Does well in containers and in the landscape.  Makes a good cut flower.  Prefers well-drained soil and full sun.  Bees & Hummingbirds!!  

  Salvia coccinea – Compact Pink Salvia - A beautiful, compact salvia for those with smaller gardens.  Grows to 24”.  Stunning peachy pink, bi-colored flowers that look ruffled or crimped.  The bloom spikes are showy, standing well above the foliage. The stems are dark tinted and fragrant when brushed or disturbed.  Flowers over a long season from summer through fall.  Does well in containers as well as the landscape.  Makes a good cut flower since it has a long vase life.  Prefers well-drained soil and full sun.   Bees & Hummingbirds!
    Salvia elegans – Pineapple Sage – A deliciously fragrant, super colorful, tough perennial with an open, airy structure of soft fuzzy green leaves and long terminal spikes of vivid red tubular flowers late summer thru fall.  The fragrance of the foliage smells of pineapple!  The leaves are used in fruit salads and teas, and the flowers are great in desserts and salads.  It averages 3’-4’ tall and grows in full sun or part shade in moist, well-drained soil.  It responds well to pruning.  Hummingbirds and Butterflies!
    Salvia greggii ‘Dark Pink’ – Dark Pink Autumn Sage - A shrubby, evergreen, native salvia with small oval leaves & an abundance of bright colorful flowers spring thru fall.  They come in a range of colors – this one is dark pink.  An absolute must for Hummingbirds!  Sun, well-drained. 2’ - 3’.
    Salvia greggii x ‘Cherry Chief’ - Cherry Chief Salvia - This Salvia greggii cross is a particularly long-lived variety.  Forms a 2’x3’ mound and blooms in heavy cycles of 8-inch long spikes of lipstick-red flowers on evergreen foliage from spring through fall.  Responds well to pruning.  Sun, moist, well-drained soil. Hummingbirds! 
    Salvia leucantha - Mexican Bush Sage - A beautiful, upright growing 4’ salvia with velvety purple spikes of flowers.  Blooms a little in spring & summer & has its most spectacular display in fall.  Prefers full sun.  A must for hummingbirds!  ALSO  AVAILABLE IN SOLID WHITE. 
    Salvia madrensis - Big Yellow Sage - A striking, fall blooming salvia with incredible texture & spectacular 18"-24" spikes of yellow tubular flowers in the fall. This is a very long lived salvia that forms spectacular upright clumps of very architectural 1/2"-1" square stems covered with wonderfully textured foliage. The flowers are the icing on the cake! Grows 4'-6' tall & prefers full sun. Known as the “Forsythia Sage” Hummingbirds & Butterflies.
  Salvia microphylla ‘Oxford Pink’ - Oxford Pink Salvia - A greggii-type salvia growth habit with shrubby, woody stems at the base.  Attractive, small green leaves and wonderful hot-pink flowers.  A shrubby form of salvia.  Sun.  Grows up to 3’ tall.
  Salvia regla – Mountain Sage - An absolutely spectacular salvia!!  This very special salvia is native to the Texas Hill Country.  It has glossy green foliage on an upright 3’ – 4’ plant.  In early fall, the Mountain Sage is smothered with 2” – 3” long, scarlet-orange, tubular flowers for months!  It’s completely unique in the world of salvias.  Will grow in full sun or light shade, and must be well-drained.  Once established, it will reward you with a stunning display of full color for many years to come.  Hummingbirds!
    Salvia sp. ‘Otahal’ – Otahal Blue Salvia - Amazing spikes of blue-violet flowers with silver calyx against silver-green foliage.  A non-stop bloomer.  Averages 2’ tall. Sun, moist, well drained soil.  Hummingbirds!
    Salvia vanhouteii ‘Pink’ – Pink Van Houte Salvia - Extremely interesting, jumbo, shrimp-like buds open to tubular magenta-fuchsia blooms that have with fluted edges. Attractive dark green leaves with dark maroon stems. 24” - 36” tall and wide. Sun, well-drained soil.  
  Scutellaria suffrutescens - Pink Skullcap - A wonderful, tough, dynamite perennial from Northern Mexico.  Forms a 6” to 8” tall mound of tiny foliage and is smothered with small snapdragon-like pink flowers spring to fall in heavy bloom cycles.  Sun, good drainage.  A very long-lived perennial.
  Senecio confuses - Mexican Flame Vine - A fast growing, extremely showy vine with wonderful glossy, bright green foliage and 1”, bright orange daisy-like flowers that blanket the vine all summer and fall.  Needs moist, well-drained soil.   Normally root hardy.  Full sun.  Butterflies!
    Sophora secundiflora - Texas Mountain Laurel - A small, but gorgeous, native evergreen tree or large shrub that blooms large wisteria-like clusters of very fragrant purple flowers in spring.  It can eventually reach 18’.  Full sun and good drainage.
    Sinningia sellovii - Hardy Red Gloxinia - This fascinating, wonderfully textured hardy gloxinia forms a 20” clump composed of thick, green, sandpaper-like leaves on slightly arching stems.  From late spring to fall 30” spikes of pendant, scarlet-orange 1” bell-shaped flowers emerge from the tips of the stems.  This hardy perennial prefers partial sun or light shade & does beautifully in rock gardens, perennial borders, or as a specimen container plant.  Needs moist, well-drained soil.  Goes dormant in winter and flushes out in mid-spring into a full and gorgeous plant.
    Stachytarpheta jamaicensis ‘Blue’ – Blue Porterweed - A 2' - 4' tall bushy herbaceous plant with long, elegant flower spikes of indigo blue flowers almost constantly blooming from spring to fall.  The flowers appear in clusters moving upward along the long narrow flower spikes.  Prefers part shade.  Tender in a hard winter. Responds well to pruning. Hummingbirds & Butterflies!!! Deer resistant.
  Stachytarpheta mutabilis 'Coral' - Coral Porterweed - A 2' - 4' tall bushy herbaceous plant with long, elegant flower spikes of coral flowers almost constantly blooming from spring to fall.  The flowers appear in clusters moving upward along the long narrow flower spikes.  Prefers part shade.  Tender in a hard winter. Responds well to pruning. Hummingbirds & Butterflies!!!
  Stachytarpheta jamaicensis ‘Purple’ - Purple Porterweed - A 2' - 4' tall bushy herbaceous plant with long, elegant flower spikes of purple flowers almost constantly blooming from spring to fall.  The flowers appear in clusters moving upward along the long narrow flower spikes.  Prefers part shade.  Tender in a hard winter. Responds well to pruning. Hummingbirds & Butterflies!!!

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  Tagetes lemonii - Copper Canyon Daisy - A medium sized, wonderfully textured, aromatic shrubby perennial that explodes with bright golden yellow flowers in the fall & sometimes in the spring.  3’-4’ tall.  Full Sun, moist but well drained soil.  Butterflies! Deer resistant.
    Tagetes lucida - Mexican Mint Marigold - A wonderful fall blooming perennial that bears clusters of golden-yellow, single flowers on attractive, 2’-3’ upright, many-branched mounds. The aromatic foliage has a pleasing, anise-like scent & is popular as a substitute for tarragon. The flowers are edible as well.  It grows best in a sunny, well-drained bed. Butterflies – great cut flower!
  Tecoma stans ‘Gold Star’ - Gold Star Yellow Bells - An outstanding selection of ‘Yellow Bells’ that’s extremely floriferous even as a young plant!  This 4’-6’ shrubby perennial produces a stunning display of 2” bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers all summer on large terminal panicles.  Blooms late spring into fall in heavy bloom cycles.  Responds well to pruning.  Sun.  Hummingbirds!

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    Ulmus alata – Winged Elm – Great native tree that is fast growing, deciduous and drought tolerant.  This tree is underused in landscapes, but has so much to offer - corky winged bark along its branches, yellow fall color, attractive small foliage and wildlife value.  Full sun.  40’ x 30’.

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    V. obovatum x V. rufidulum - Lord Byron Viburnum – A fabulous new hybrid Viburnum between Walter’s Viburnum and the native Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum.  Vigorous grower with an upright tree form.  Small foliage and a spectacular display of clusters of white flowers in February-March.  Deciduous.  Best used as a small ornamental tree or can be used as a fast growing screen.  Averages 12’-18’.  Full sun or light shade. Produces scrumptious berries that the birds love!!
    Verbena canadensis - Homestead Purple Verbena - A tough, low growing, spreading perennial covered with beautiful purple flowers spring to fall. Sun.
    Verbena sp. ‘Pass-along Pink’ – Pass-along Pink Verbena - A tough, low growing, spreading perennial covered with beautiful bubble-gum pink flowers borne in dense, rounded clusters spring to fall. Profuse bloomer during warm weather months.  Sun.  Butterflies!
  Verbena tenuisecta ‘Hot Pink Moss’ - Hot Pink Moss Verbena - One incredible verbena!  Attractive, fine-textured foliage carpets the ground and is covered with show-stopping, hot-pink flowers, spring to fall.  Sun or light shade.  Butterflies!
    Viburnum luzonicum - Luzon Viburnum - A beautiful, large shrub with wonderfully textured soft apple-green foliage & spectacular orange & red fall color! Semi-evergreen. Produces an abundance of clusters of creamy-white flowers in mid-spring. Small red berries cover this spectacular plant after it flowers – birds love them!  Sun, partial shade or shade! 6’-10’ tall. A must for every habitat garden. One of our favorite plants here at TSF!
  Viburnum obovatum ‘TSF’– TSF Walter's Viburnum - Outstanding, large, native, evergreen shrub with attractive small dark green leaves.  Magnificent display of clusters of white flowers in February-March!  Use as a hedge, screen, or small “tree”.  Sun, part shade.  6’-12’ tall.
    Viguiera stenoloba - Skeleton Leaf Golden Eye - Tough Texas native makes a mound of deep-yellow daisies that stay in flower spring through late fall.  Slender needle-like leaves give it a delicate look but this is an extremely drought tolerant perennial.  Grows 2’ tall, cut in half once a year to promote denser growth and more flowers.  Full sun, needs good drainage.  Butterflies!!
  Vitex agnus-castus ‘Montrose Purple’ - Montrose Purple Vitex - A new Vitex with slightly larger foliage & magnificent blooms that are 3 times larger than the standard Vitex & a richer, darker blue color.  A drought tolerant, sun loving, small, single or multi-trunked tree up to 18’ tall.  Butterflies.

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