Botanical Listing (Common Name)
 Rosa ‘Belinda’s Dream’ (Belinda’s Dream Rose)
Texas Superstar™, 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ average, upright, beautiful blue-green foliage, clean pink, double, high centered rose, rich fragrance, constant blooms, full sun, good drainage.
 Rosa ‘Bengal Fire’ (Bengal Fire Rose)
6’ X 4’, Red China Rose, upright habit, red single flower, maroon new growth, rich, dark green foliage, sun.
 Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’ (Buff Beauty Rose)
5’ x 7’ shrub/10’-12’ climber, medium size, double, fragrant, apricot flowers in clusters, blooms spring & fall, full sun, good drainage.
 Rosa ‘Coral Beauty’ (Coral Beauty Rose)  
3’ x 3’, mounding shrub, covered in small, cupped, single flowers of iridescent coral, blooms spring to frost, sun, well drained.
 Rosa ‘Dame De Coeur’ (Dame De Coeur Rose)
4’ x 3’, upright, fragrant bright red flowers spring to winter, sun, well drained.
 Rosa ‘Dortmund’ (Dortmund Rose)
15’ x 20’ climber, beautiful, dark green , glossy foliage, large, single, red blooms with white eye & golden stamens, blooms spring to fall, sun, well drained.
 Rosa ‘Ducher' (Ducher Rose)
4’ x 4’, shrub rose, bronzy new growth, ivory-white roses spring to fall, fragrant, regarded as the only white China rose, sun, well drained.
 Rosa ‘Knock Out’ (pp# 11836) (Knock Out Rose)  
Texas Superstar™, 3’ x 3’, disease resistant shrub, literally a ‘Knockout’, gorgeous, lush, dark green foliage, with continuous, fluorescent, cherry red blooms, sun.
 Rosa ‘Lady Banks’ White (Lady Banks Rose)
15’ x 20’, climber, spring bloomer, multitude of small white fragrant flowers, sun, well drained
 Rosa ‘Mutabilis’ (Mutabilis Rose)
4’-6’, China rose, ever-blooming, single roses of yellow, orange, rich pink & crimson, resembling butterflies, sun.
 Rosa ‘Perle d’Or’ (Perle d’Or Rose)
3’-4’, Small dense shrub, Clusters of super fragrant medium flowers begin dark salmon and open to golden apricot, small recurved petals form a full flower. Heavy blooms spring and fall, 1874 Tea Rose.
 Rosa ‘Red Cascade’ (Red Cascade Rose)
12’-18’, climber/groundcover, tiny bright green foliage, slender canes, small, velvety red flowers, blooms spring to fall, sun, well drained.
 Rosa ‘Valentine’ (Valentine Rose)
3’ x 3’, small open shrub, good foliage, large, semi-double, rich scarlet flowers, heavy bloomer spring to fall, very showy, sun, good drainage