Botanical Listing (Common Name)

 Adiantum capillus-veneris (Southern Maiden Fern)
A Texas native with delicate, airy, lacy, oval leaflets that resemble Ginkgo leaves, but much smaller. The dark, black stems are fine like hair. Best with shade to part shade, even moisture, good drainage. Averages 12” tall. Excellent for rock gardens, borders, containers, terrariums.
 Arachniodes simplicor variega (East Indian Holly Fern)
Evergreen, 12”-24” x 1’, leathery, stiff, dark green leaflets, yellow variegations up the middle of the frond & along each side of stem, lower leaflets shaped like butterflies, shade/part shade, even moisture, well drained.
 Athyrium nipponicum (Japanese Painted Fern)
18” x 18”, outstanding color on new fronds, wine-red stems the length of the frond & mid-vein of leaflets, stems bordered by a band of gray-green colored leaflets graduating to velvet dark green, shade/part shade, even moisture, good drainage, deciduous. 
 Cyrtomium falcatum (Holly Fern)
Evergreen, 2’ x 3’ mounding form, thick, leathery, shiny, deep green, graceful arching foliage resembling holly, shade/morning sun, loose, fertile, moist, soil, good drainage, deer resistant.
 Osmunda cinnamonea (Cinnamon Fern)
Native, 2’-3’, fertile fronds in the middle of plant are cinnamon color, when spores are ripe they die back, soil & water tolerant, poor drainage okay.
 Osmundum regalis (Royal Fern)
Native, 4’, rounded, tropical, exotic fronds, fertile center fronds are golden color, shade/part shade, poor drainage okay, dormant most winters.   
 Polystichum munitum (Sword Fern)
1’-3’, dagger shaped leaflets in pairs up the erect, stiff stem; dark green, leather leaflets with bristly edges, deep shade/shade, even moisture, good drainage.